About Me

Hi! My name is Niccolo Cucco. I am a senior at the University of Michigan, and I study psychology. I was born in Italy and moved to Michigan when I was a toddler. My dad always brought me up to watch soccer, but I became a huge Pistons fan in 2015 when Brandon Jennings of all people led Detroit to win seven straight games. His injury shortly after was the first of many brutal Pistons moments I would witness. Despite the pain this moment caused me, it was also what sparked me to be extremely passionate about basketball. Ever since that time in my life, I have always been obsessed over the NBA, from major events like the playoffs (or the lottery where the Pistons are always involved) to much more minor ones like summer league. My dream is to eventually make a career out of basketball, as I truly enjoy commenting on and writing about it. Hopefully, I can spread some of my love for the game to you, the readers! Thank you so much for checking out my website.